Q: What type of flour do you use in your products?

A: We use a proprietary blend of white rice flour.

Q: Is your bakery gluten free?

A: Yes, we are a 100% gluten free bakery only using ingredients that come from strictly gluten free facilities.

Q:Are your products nut free?

A: We do not generally use nuts in any of our products but do make some of our items with nuts upon request. We go to great lengths to prevent cross contamination when nuts are used.

Q: Do you offer any vegan items?

A:Our products are not generally vegan but will make every attempt to accommodate special requests with vegan substitutes.

Q: Do you ship your products?

A: We are able to ship the majority of our bakery items. We ship out products frozen, with our night shipping via UPS, as we do not use any preservatives in the preparation of our products.

Q: Are your products available outside of Las Vegas?

A: Not at this time but we would love the opportunity to grow. We encourage you to speak with your local grocery chain or specialty food store to see if we can work with them in the future.